Vintage Christmas Fair - Chicago 2011

For the past 3 or 4 years, we've gone to a Vintage Christmas Fair that is part of the Randolph Street  Market/Chicago Antique Fair and takes place in November right ahead of Thanksgiving.  In years past we've always come away with an item or two of Christmas decor/decorations and this year was no different.  We bought 3 vintage items:  2 Santas and a new tree-topper Angel.
The Santas have a neat texture on them where the trim is on his suit and while they are both different Santas (and likely makers) the texture binds them together.  Here's a close up of the Big Guy on the left.
He's cute, eh?  Oh...what's that?  His neck wobbles?  Like a bobblehead Santa from the 50's?  Yep.
And his sack is going to be used by us as a candy dish!  He already has candy canes in there.  

But does his head have any 'action' left it in?  You bet it does.


  1. Is this him? I guess the trim is "spaghetti trim."


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