Rockwell Sonicrafter

For Christmas this year, I was gifted the Rockwell Sonicrafter - which is billed as one of the "most versatile and effective power tools on the market".  It is a multi-purpose tool that is a step-up in terms of power and functionality from a Dremel.  I've pulled out my Dremel from time to time, so I can understand the usefulness of this thing.  In fact, Nat has a big project made out of PVC pipe that we have to work on and I think the Sonicrafter will make short work of the cuts.

I'm starting to amass a nice set of tools, but after the basement construction, I lost most of my work space and storage.  I was planning on doing it out in the crawlspace, but it is so chocked full of our stuff, there isn't a lot of room to operate.  Looks like I may end up out in the garage for now.  My plans call for putting a second story on our garage, but that's a big project and will have to wait until I get everything done in the basement.  Until then, my tools will kind of be orphans.  Living in a closet in the basement and in the garage.

Of note, this is my second Rockwell product; I have the pretty amazing Jawhorse - that I was gifted last year.  If the Sonicrafter performs as well as the Jawhorse, I'll be quite pleased.  For the most part, I've adopted Craftsman as my brand of choice - but Rockwell seems to be nudging in there.


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