Cineraria Flowers (apparently) Like Cool Temperatures

Nat picked up this little pot of Cineraria a few weeks back at Trader Joe's.  They had these really pretty purple flowers that bloomed strong. started to fade and wilt and the leaves started to go limp and grey.  Something was wrong.  I mean...look at it.   Sad, right?  Lots of deadheads and sick foilage.  So, I replanted it into a real pot (with drainage) and hoped for the best.  It kept going the wrong way, so I turned to the web.

Turns out, they thrive in cool weather.  Our house, with the thermostat set to 70 degrees was, apparently too warm for it.  Weird, right?  This is how it is described:
Locate the plant in a cool room where temperatures are near 50°F to 55°F at night. Provide bright light but not direct sunlight. Excessive heat or dry soil can cause rapid decline. to the basement it goes.  On a ledge on the south side of the house to get some of that light.  But...NOT direct light.  I'll keep an eye on it and see what happens.   Seems to not be the best flower for TJ's to be selling if it is going to be so temperamental.  


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