Pemberley Events Wins IndieWed Contest - 2012

Guess who runs an award-winning event design firm in Chicago?  That's right, my dear wife Nat now does with her Chicago event design and planning firm Pemberley Events!

Last week, it was announced that her team won the "Inspired Creations" contest at IndieWed.  I'm so very proud of her and all the effort she put into it.  I went to IndieWed to help her team break down their booth earlier this year and even though I don't have a lot of sense of style/fashion/what have you, it was plain to see that Nat's team put the most thought and effort into the contest and deserved to win.

If you're looking for event planning and design,  wedding planning and design in Chicago, or even just a Chicago Wedding Planner, you can't go wrong with Pemberley Events.


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