Will my Arborvitae Survive?

See those four Arborvitae trees starting in the middle of the photo and heading to the right?  They're leaner than the ones on the far left side.  And 2 years younger.

The older ones are strong and I know they'll be coming back this year to grow bigger.  But these?  I dunno.

I planted these four in the Spring of 2011 after having the same four die from the previous year.  As you can see, these four aren't dark green, but aren't that much lighter than the ones on the left.  There are some little orange/brown bits on them, but the bulk of the trees (Are they trees?  Or bushes?) are mostly green.

What do you think?  Will they survive?


  1. I had 2 giant arborvitaes planted in the court yard of my old shop and I remember the tree guy saying that he had to leave almost a quarter of the burlap wrapped root ball outside of the dirt for them to grow properly. It seams to me like the ones on the right are also planted on higher ground, making all the great storm water run down onto the paved area, maybe?
    I dunno either...just my 2 cents.


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