DIY Water Rocket Plans

For my birthday a few weeks back, Nat gave me a dual-valve bike pump.  It is a perfect gift because we have bikes and strollers and pools to pump up this spring.  We were either going to the gas station to pump the tires or using my compressor to do that, but both were likely too high powered because we kept blowing out the tubes.

After pumping up the various tires around the garage, I remembered that I had this Handy Dad book (above) sitting on my bookshelf that had a project that required a bike pump:  a DIY water-pressurized rocket with custom launching pad.  Pree-tay, Pree-tay, Pree-tay sweet.
Just a few things are needed:  a cork, a 2-litre bottle, a bike pump and a needle.  Plus, some wood to make a launching-pad.  I'll try to squeeze this in between now and one of my nephew's birthdays that are coming up in the next month or two.  Maybe I'll even get crazy and do some custom paint work on the launching pad?


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