Google Art Project Chicago Launch Event

Those of you who are still getting the dead-tree-version of the Chicago Tribune were greeted with this grizzly sight this morning:  my mug on the cover of the Arts & Entertainment section.

We hosted our US Launch event at the Art Institute of Chicago for the second round of the Google Art Project.  The Tribune did a nice job covering the details of the project.  There are plenty of things that Google is involved with that are "cool", but this in particular is a neat project because it breaks down so many barriers and allows *anyone* in the world to enjoy and participate in arts and culture.


  1. New caption:

    Local nerd Jake Parrillo sets up his nerd equipment in between episodes of Star Trek the Next Generation and Dr. Who. Nyah, nyah, nyah

  2. *If only* the captions were that accurate....

  3. I saw the online article and was looking for you! Nice photo!


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