Menards Birthday Present - LED Precision Screwdriver

How very thoughtful of the fine folks at Menards:  they gave me this 14 piece LED precision screwdriver set last week for my 34th Birthday.  I've been accused (rightly) of having a Menards addiction.  Now, I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing; I just prefer to do my shopping there over Home Depot or Lowes not based on location (HD is 5 minutes from our house, Menards is 15) but on a number of factors including price, knowledge of the store layout, a better seasonal section, their Christmas stuff in particular, and their selection.

This screwdriver set retails for like $15.00.  For that small amount, they've bought even more goodwill from me now that will likely ensure that I spend all of my home improvement dollars there.  That's just good marketing.


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