Mr. Stripey Photo for Plant Sale Fundraiser

A week or so ago, I was contacted by someone from the Friends School - a small Quaker School in St. Paul, Minnesota.  They run a plant sale on Mother's Day each year that is the biggest plant sale in Minnesota and perhaps even the Midwest.  They offer 2,300 varieties of plants.  Woah.  

Their site is pretty neat.  Because of the breath of the offerings, the site allows you to research what you like and build a list of those plants you want to buy, thus making the day of sale easier for everyone.

They have more than 4 dozen different varieties of tomatos including quite a few heirlooms.   The one problem they had was that they didn't have a photo for all of them with one holdout:  the Mr. Stripey.  They asked if they could use a photo I took of the Mr. Stripey a few years back.  Of course they could, I said!  They posted the photo here.  Unfortunately, they don't ship plants, so unless you're planning on being up in the Twin Cities, the sale is likely not going to work out.  


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