Flower Boxes Filled - 2012

A week or so ago, Nat scored us some flower box holders from one of her friends in the neighborhood.    We've been focused - mostly - on our landscape beds and the perennials the past few years and have for the most part ignored any sort of pots with annuals.  Sure, we have a few annuals in our front porch box, but those are usually an afterthought.  In fact, in years past, I've planted a few perennials in there only to rip them out after they bloom and plant them in the landscape somewhere.

But, with the flower box holders on hand, it is time to get some annuals up and running on our back deck.  I jammed them with petunias, spikes, asparagus ferns, ageratums, and one other annual that didn't have sticks in them.  See those redish flowers?  Know what they are?  Maybe reverse Google Image search will help?


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