Rouse Elmhurst Boutique

Last week as we were walking around Downtown Elmhurst, we spotted a 'opening soon' sign on a new boutique located at 132 N. Addison called "Rouse".  They're opening up in the space that was at one time a wedding gown boutique.  It is a really neat building (which you can see more of in the photo below) with a big parking lot right south of the store.  That's good news for these new boutique owners.  Not to mention the proposed development right across the street from them that, if built, will bring even more retail, office and parking to the City Center.

Based on the signs, me thinks they're going to focus on women and compete with the likes of Enzee.  The one twist appears to be the fact that they're going to offer 'workshops' of some sort.  I'm rooting for them to open soon and to - more importantly for Elmhurst - succeed in a big way!

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