Turning an Old Lamp into a Birdbath

We've had this blue lamp in our garage for the better part of a month.  It came from Nat's Mom and we failed to sell it at our Garage Sale back in May.  It has a big crack in the side but still works as a lamp.  Unfortunately, it won't *work* for us in our house.  Just not the right fit.

But, when I was digging around on the web, I somehow came across this tutorial for transforming an old lamp into a birdbath.  First thing you clip off the lamp fitting then get set to find a bowl to sit on top.  We don't have anything just laying around, so I'll try to get out to GoodWill in the coming weeks to find something that is suitable.  Maybe a white bowl?  Or a grey?  Once I get the hole drilled and the bowl set with epoxy, I'll get it out in the yard so our fine feathered friends can enjoy the water this summer.


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