Jewel Giving Away Free Dr. Pepper 10?

I was in the Jewel a few days ago buying garbage can stickers (so we can throw away more than the one can we are allotted for the week) and during my purchase, the cashier (yes, I went through the manned lines because that's the only place you can buy the stickers.) asks if I want my free 2 liter of Dr. Pepper 10.  "Sure", I say! I went with it.

Turns out, this is a weird soda.  I like soda.  But...this one isn't quite Diet Dr. Pepper.  And it isn't quite regular Dr. Pepper. It is in between.  Who's it for?  Apparently....dudes.

Seems some guys have trouble ordering a "Diet Coke".  Really?  Having a diet soda isn't manly?  Guess I'm not thinking my beverage choice though enough.


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