My FitBit Year in Review - 2012

I started wearing my FitBit on April 27th, 2012.  Since then, FitBit tells me that I've traveled 1350 miles - or as they say "more than length of the Tigris River"!

The fine folks at FitBit sent out this 2012 summary note yesterday and they included a few little data points that are interesting.  Some of them I understand like Tuesday is my most active day.  That makes sense because for all of 2012, I've been going to Cardio-Tennis on Tuesday mornings.

The month of May was my most-active month and that kind of makes sense in that I had just started to track my activity, so I'm guessing I was motivated to get in those extra stair climbs or a few more steps each day.    Looking back at my calendar I can't quite figure out if there were any other dynamics at play that caused me to move a little bit more in the month.  Nothing jumps out.

Also, the June 7th date - as my most active - puzzles me.  That was a few days before the Bird was born so maybe I was running around?  I was also playing tennis on Thursday mornings during the summer, so that might have contributed to the big day, but in looking at my calendar and what I posted on social media/my instant upload photos of the day, there aren't any clues.

One thing that is disappointing in this report is that there is no status/update/wrap-up based on the data from our FitBit Aria Scale.  I didn't loose much weight this year (even though I was trying!), but I would like to see my weigh-ins, what my loss was, my BMI and whatever else the borg can glean from my usage.

Interesting to think that this type of reporting is going to be common place.  It is pretty fascinating to peek through.  I run Google Latitude on my phone and Gmail meter on my email.  From time-to-time, they send reports, but I'd love to see an auto-created summary of my location history sent to me each year.  What about my appliances and thermostat?  Send me summary reports that tell me when we use them and what we can to do maximize their use/conserve energy.  Same with my car.  I want data.  I have a feeling that the day for those reports are coming.  Can't wait.


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