Pallets as the "Cinderella Story" of DIY

You can't swing a dead cat on a DIY blog/forum/magazine these days without seeing a re-claimed/re-used pallet project.  They are used for outdoor furniture.  Coffee tables.  Headboards.  All sorts of things.  I've had a few pallets laying around in my backyards after doing our paver patio a few years back and I couldn't have tried to get rid of them faster.  They were gnarly, dirty, full of huge nails and usually cracked up in various parts.

In this month's copy of This Old House Magazine (above), they call out the steps needed to use said pallets.  They say that bleaching the wood to disinfect the planks is a good piece of the process.

I don't want to forclose myself on doing any pallet projects, but the pallets I've seen need a heckuva lot more than some sanding and bleach.  Has anyone actually seen/sat on one of these pallet projects?


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