Goalie's Goodies Elmhurst - Coming Soon

A poster was put up this week in the front window of the old Bleeding Heart Bakery on York Street in the City Centre for a new store called Goalie's Goodies.  They're touting their wares as Popcorn, Candy, and Ice Cream.  On their site, they just have an email address up so far, so there isn't any details about what they'll be offering or what the hockey connection might be (their logo is a hockey goalie).

Might they serve up Garret's-style popcorn?  That'd be nice.  Other downtown's out our way have successful (seemingly?) corn shops like Well's Street Popcorn in Downers Grove.  If that's the direction this place is headed, I'm excited.  If they're going to lean on the ice cream side of the business, not so much.  After all, we already have Brain Freeze and Cold Stone in the ice cream category and the two - soon to be three yogurt stores.


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