So Long, Smoothie Factory Elmhurst: Closed

Goalie's Goodies - moving into the old Bleeding Heart Bakery - isn't the only change on the east side of York Street south of the tracks.  The Smoothie Factory has their blinds pulled down, the store emptied out and it looks like someone is picking flooring for whomever the next tenant is going to be.

I don't know how long the Smoothie Factory has been closed, but they haven't updated their Facebook page since last September.  That post - which talked about soup - might help tell the story of why they're no longer open?  Of course, competing with Jamba Juice couldn't be easy, is far too easy to move further away from your core offering when trying to make profits.   Panera offering pasta comes to mind.  Just focus on what you do best and make it the best in the area.

The space that the Smoothie Factory occupied is HUGE, so I'm looking forward to seeing what moves in next.


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