TCBY Coming to Elmhurst City Centre know....what Elmhurst totally needs is another frozen yogurt shop.

This one is going in on the west side of York Street in the old video game store.

I'm a free market-kinda-guy, so these guys coming to town is fine with me.  It seems like a more logical place (size-wise) for an ice cream shop compared to the enormous space the fine folks have set up across the street.


  1. I was surprised that the Chamber of Commerce or some such governmental entity allowed this. Certainly, both cannot probably survive - and my bet would be that Cocomero gets the short end of stick (I always thought the space was far too big...) But I heard some scuttlebutt that one fellow owns basically the entire block, and has brought in a lot of money for the city (also investing in the York Theater). So, the logical explanation is that he got some leeway in bringing TCBY - you would think there are agreements that offer segment exclusivity. I have also heard that the Meatheads Burgers management has been asking other area owners how their business is - perhaps Meatheads is not doing as well as expected.


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