108 W. Second Street - Elmhurst - For Lease

Looks like the Dejavoo Boutique has closed up shop and their space is up for lease at 108 W. Second Street.  This spot is just down Second Street from Starbucks and just east of the Nail Bar.  I've always had a hard time finding parking right there on Second when we run to Starbucks, so I have no idea if that has an impact on the value of this location.

With so many vacancies in the Elmhurst City Centre, it seems like there's a big opportunity to transform our downtown from a service (salons/banks) to a stronger retail-based economy.

Last week, Nat had a meeting at a restaurant and I took the Bird out for a walk around the City Centre for an hour.  It was Saturday evening at 5 pm and I tried desperately to find a store that I wanted to go in.  Granted...a lot of things were closed for the night (the toy store), there isn't a place that I wanted to head into and linger.  I would have wasted time in a kitchen products store or a more manly store (like a hybrid hardware/project store).   Could we get one of those?!?


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