Fireworks Goldenrod - Via Western Springs Garden Club Plant Sale

On Saturday we made our normal run to Kirsbaum's for doughnuts in the early am hours when we came across the Western Springs Garden Club Plant Sale which was taking place under the big tower on the Village Green.

This species will find a home in our plan in our backyard as it can tolerate some heat.  There are two spots that it would work:  on the southside by our butterfly bushes and in the front yard by our anemone.  I'm thinking it would work well in the front.     

If you ask some gardeners, they'll tell you that this is an allergy attack waiting to happen.  Good news:  they're wrong.  Consider me the of Goldenrod.  From the source:
Don’t worry about it causing long-lasting sneezes, either. Goldenrod is often blamed for aggravating hay fever, but the real culprit is ragweed, which blooms at the same time.


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