Freshly Laid Mulch - 2013

We had 7.5 yards of mulch put down in our beds yesterday and I'll tell you that there's nothing better looking than a freshly mulched yard.  It makes the our plants look healthier, our shrubs look bigger, and even makes the spots on our grass look a lot less barren.

This year, we got the mulch in a lot earlier than in 2012.  It wasn't until mid-July until we had mulch last year.   As I noted last year, I was about 2 months behind the neighborhood schedule, so I think we're right on track this time around.  At least now Nat will be able to pull out of our garage without our neighbors frowning at her.  (I'm kidding!  Our neighbors don't frown at us because of the is more about when they see me gardening/mowing the grass in my socks/sandals garb.)


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