Wait, This Exists?

Longtime readers know my fascination with Christmas Villages.  Hell...I even came up with the name for my own town:  Mantleburg.  But, due to space and a little bit of sanity winning out, I've really slowed down on the acquisition of any sort of new Christmas Village stuff.

That was, until I was gifted this Chop Suey Palace from A Christmas Story this am.

That lead me down a web rabbit hole where I discovered these:  National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation village stuff.

Yeah...they're all there.  Cousin Eddie with the full shitter.  Clark's over-lit house, and even the huge tree on top of the Truckster.  As I've learned in the past, these things roll out in phases, so I'm expecting to see more next year.

Maybe Mantleburg will get a new subdivision after all...


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