My FitBit Year in Review: 2013

Just like last year, the fine folk over at +Fitbit mailed me my 'year end summary' of activity.

This year, I traveled 1926 miles.  And that's with a pretty sad December.  My device was on the fritz for the most of part of the month and I was just waiting until Christmas to get a new one.  (Which...thanks to my mother-in-law, I did!)

To compare to last year:  I went 576 more miles this year over last.

Some of the stats make a lot of sense.  For instance, Tuesday being my most active day sounds right.  I play Cardio Tennis every Tuesday morning.  I get in 3-4 miles every Tuesday before 7 am.

The fact that April was my most active month is interesting to me.  I started a new job in April.  I went from working from home a lot to commuting on the train and walking from Olgivie to Aon almost every day.

June 23rd is a puzzle, though.  It is a Sunday.  I think it might have been the day that we had the Bird's 1st Birthday party?  I must have been hustlin' around the house/yard to pull it together.  Because...we spent a few days in 2013 in DisneyWorld.  Those are typically 10+ mile days.  So the 23rd of June was...something larger than that.


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