So Long, Gur Sweets Elmhurst

Walking by the storefront of Gur Sweets on York in the Elmhurst City Centre, you'll see this sign.  They're closing their store but will continue to take orders.

I first covered Gur Sweets back in October of 2012.  They tried to ride the Cronut craze this past summer.  But, unfortunately for all of us in Elmhurst, it appears it wasn't enough.

Add this to the other vacant storefronts on York Street:  Jamba Juice (gone), Plass Appliances (gone), My Favorite Toy Store (gone), Cash for Gold (gone..thankfully!).

The City Council is talking about building a huge parking deck on Addison Street.  Some think that *might* help with the vacancies and it will make it easier to park and shop.  That's probably a good first step, but the government can only do so much.  These businesses operate in a free economy, so it is up to us - the residents of Elmhurst - to decided which businesses we want to support and keep in town.   We have a vote.  We cast that vote with our wallet.

Sometimes, things just don't work out.  Let's hope we see some new stores fill those spaces in our City Centre soon.


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