Three "Autumn Brilliance" Ferns Planted - 2014

My favorite of all our plantings in our yard are my Ostrich ferns.  I've successfully transplanted some of them from the south fence line to the north fence line.  Since then, I've tried to add a few different varieties of other ferns and have only had one come back year/over/year:  a Japanese Painted Fern.  It has come up again this year and I've worked hard to pay some attention to it over the past few years.

This year, I picked up three small containers of these (above photo) "Autumn Brilliance" ferns.  They're adored by fern folks.   I put in all three on the northside of our house, just south of the walkway in between some of the hosta plantings.

From Wayside Gardens:
One of the showiest Ferns in recent years, Autumn Fern 'Brilliance' is a dazzling display of color for every season. The fronds turn from bright copper to soft green to russet-orange again, all on an evergreen habit that looks great in the partly-shaded bed or border! 
These long, elegant fronds unfurl in spring a deep orangy copper shade, keeping their hue until the hot weather of summer gradually turns them green. Then in autumn, They burnish bright copper again! 1½ to 2 feet long, they are truly eye-catching in any setting, from a single plant among the Hostas andHeucheras to a big sweep of color in hard-to-fill dry shade!


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