My First Chicago Blackhawks Game

A few weeks back, I was invited to watch the Chicago Blackhawks take on the Dallas Stars by a friend who lives in Elmhurst.  I *think* I've been to a couple of 'Hawks games before (I believe Matt - the Mayor organized a trip to the United Center during one of the Christmas Breaks while we were in college (the late 90's) and I have a faint recollection of going to the Blackhawks game with my little league baseball coach and his son when I was really small.

But...I can't quite confirm those things in my I'm claiming this as my FIRST Blackhawks game.  It *is* the first one I've been to since the team has been good the past few years, so that's something, right?

Oh...and they won in overtime, too!  It was pretty awesome.  We then ran to the car and got out of the parking lot pretty easy.

I do have one beef, though.  They Hawks wear red jerseys at home.  That's too bad.  If I was a season ticket holder, I'd be pushing the team to reverse that and wear white.  The reason being that RIGHT NOW, every game you go see is always going to be red vs. white.  That's a little boring.

If they wore white at home, you'd see this cavalcade of colors coming through each night.  White vs. blue one night.  White vs. red the next.  White vs green after that.  White vs. orange, etc.  You get the idea.   With the home team wearing white at home, you get to really experience the full glory of all the jerseys (yes...I know they're sweaters) as each new team comes to town.


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