Vintage Christmas Motherload Cabinet In Coloma - 2015 Edition

I snapped this photo of the vintage Christmas cabinet up in Coloma at the Great Lakes Antique Mall when we were there over New Year's.

This is the same cabinet that I took a photo of the past few visits.

Here's the photo from our 2014 trip.'s a photo of the case from 2013 trip.

There isn't a lot of changes between last year and this year, but I do notice a little tree on the second to top shelf and a few other items have been swapped out.  I don't have photos of the rest of their booth, so I'm not sure if the rest of their items don't turn over as quickly as these?

I've always asked to have the case open and because of the prices, I've never bought anything.  Until this year!  I'll try to get a photo of that item up this week to connect the dots.


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