Bob Dylan Is Out With A Frank Sinatra Tribute Album (SRSLY) The Atlantic says: 'Tangled Up In Ol' Blue Eyes".  Yeah...that's right, Bob Dylan is making an entire record of Frank Sinatra covers.  But...not the usual ones you think of when you think of Frank Sinatra.

Here's one of the tracks as uploaded on YouTube. (if you are reading in your email, the video below won't show up.  Click here to watch it.)  As David Graham on The Atlantic says:  this ain't Nashville Skyline. is something else.

Sounds interesting, right?  You can read the whole story here on The Atlantic, but this passage sticks out for me.  Especially that last line:
Before making Time Out of Mind, Dylan told producer Daniel Lanois, "There's some records that I really like from the '40s and '50s and I'd like for you to hear them to understand the energy of them, the beauty of them." His recent records since have included a wide range of styles: country blues, jaunty twang, folky ballads. They also include a remarkable amount of swing. "Summer Days" is jump blues. "Floater" is Western swing. "Po' Boy" is straight swing. From song to song, the records sometimes diverge wildly, but they're coherent documents, linked by a common Americanness. His band takes the stage in vaguely old-timey uniforms. It's folk music from an imaginary America, music that makes you nostalgic for a time before you were born, and that didn't exist anyway.
Makes you nostalgic for a time before you were born, and that didn't exist anyway.  (Emphasis, mine.)


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