On Becoming A D23 Member (Or...How Nat Official Deemed Me A Disney Nerd)

This thing came in the mail last week.  It is real.  Not a joke thing like the Little Lebowski Urban Achievers certificate that hangs on my office wall.

It is a big (bigger than 8.5x11" piece of paper) and printed on thick/glossy card stock.  Yeah...you read it right.  I'm now a member of the official Disney fan Club called D23.  In fact...you could say I'm a 'card-carrying' member.  Because...they also mailed me a member card.  I'll post that photo some other time.

This was a gift from Nat.  And...a good one at that.

I'm clearly a "Disney Dad" and if you spend anytime with me around my girls know...we do, indeed, talk A LOT of Disney.  We even have a trip planned for later this Spring (and I'm trying to convince Nat that we need to go to Disneyland to celebrate the park's 60th birthday...).  But...fan club?

Have I crossed the line?  I'm not sure.  But...I also...don't care.  I'm now officially out of the Disney fan closet.  I adore the place.  I read the message boards.  I buy pins to trade with my girls at the parks.  I am a fanboy.

But...I am not an animal....


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