Thrillist Out With 'Best Pizza In Illinois' List

Over on Thrillist, you'll find the list of some of the best pizzas in Illinois.  They include a few from Chicago (Pequods, Coalfire, Vito & Nick's) and a bunch from around the State including Papa Dels down in Champaign.  We've been to quite a few places listed already, but Vito & Nick's - thus far - has alluded me.

One of Nat's favorites - Burt's Place - is also on the list.  Here's what they had to say about that place:
No pizza roundup would be complete without mention of the legendary Burt of Burt’s Place. While it may not be famous for its service, Burt’s is famous for its massive pan-baked pizzas with a perfect balance of ingredients served in a crazy lodge-style environment. Pro tip: Burt is something of a celebrity around these parts, so best to call your order in ahead.
Outside of Papa Dels in Champaign, I'm a little skeptical of a lot of those downstate places.  The whole 'shrimp' or 'taco' pizza doesn't do much for me.

Also...where's Aurelio's?  Where's Home Run Inn?  Where's Parrillo's Pizza?  (Oh...that's right.  That doesn't exist.  Yet.)


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