Winnie-the-Pooh For President (Pooh Country) Political Glass

We couldn't pass up this 'Winnie the Pooh for President' glass when we saw it.  I thought it was too much for something silly like this (I think they were asking like $5) so I put it down after admiring it, but..when you put all the pieces together, it almost seems like this glass was destined for our family.   Nat said we *had* to buy it.  

It is Disney (of course) and is marked with 'Walt Disney Productions' - which this page tells us that it could be from a VERY wide range of 1939 to 1986 when they changed to 'The Walt Disney Company'.  

So...why buy it? Let's count the reasons:

Pooh bear?  Check.  The Bird's favorite guy in the world.  She sleeps with a Pooh Bear everynight.
Political reference?  Check.  I'm a sucker for political kitsch stuff. was sold through Sears?  And has a Sears mark?  Check.  The Moran's have a deep Sears connection.  

This guy now is ours and as you can see from the top photo is currently holding candies in one of our cabinets for the girls as treats.


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