The BEST Disney Pin Backs

I've already told everyone that I'm a Disney Pin Trader. girls are the ones who actually trade pins, but I'm the one who's pushed them into the action.  On our next trip, I've set up the kids with bags of pins for each day of the trip and a new lanyard for this trip.  They're each labeled and portion'ed out for use on each of the days we're in the parks.  

But, importantly, I've also set them up with some metal pin backs.  These are the ones that they should use when they trade a pin for something they want to keep.  Those keepers?  They should get one of these metal pin backs.  Why?  Because the black plastic Mickey ears pin backs fall off a lot. 

But these?  They don't.  

So, where do you get them?  From this dude on eBay called the DisneyPatriot.  They're not cheap, but they just flat out work.  That's why they're the BEST Disney pin backs that money can buy.  

If you're going to Disney and planning on pin trading.  Do yourself a favor and pick up a pack of these before you go.  


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