Bullseye Power Nozzle For Garden Hoses

I picked up this hose nozzle as a gift earlier this year but have yet to put it through it's proper paces.  What...with the lack of 'hose weather', right?

This thing is super simple but is highly endorsed and is labeled as being used by 'wildland firefighters'.  From the DuluthTrading listing come some big boasts:
BULLS-EYE NOZZLE NEVER LEAKS, NEVER BREAKS.Proven on firelines by U.S. and Canadian wildlife services, the small but powerful Bulls-eye Nozzle saves water and gives you more power, in an emergency or just around the yard. A simple twist adjusts the force from maximum to heavy spray to pinpoint stream. Sprays up to 600 psi!
If there's a way to break something...trust me...our family will figure out how to do so.  Stay tuned for pressure-testing that claim...


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