Custom Disney World T-Shirts From Celebration Shirts

For the second year in a row, we (well...I, actually) decided to add some 'extra magic' to our trip and get some shirts made up for our family.  Yeah...we're one of those families with matching shirts.  Just for one day of the trip, though.  

Last year, our shirts had a Mary Poppins theme, but this year, since we were going in March, I thought we'd do a hoops tie-in.  

If you are going to Disney and want custom-printed family t-shirts, I can't recommend Celebration Shirts enough.  

When you go to the CelebrationShirts site, you'll see that they have quite a few customizable designs to choose from to tailor for your family trip.  Lots of really cool designs that can have your family's last name/first names/year to the shirts.  They really make it easy to add some of this 'extra magic' to your trip.

But, being a crazy person, we had to take it a step further and try to get a custom design.  And David and the team at CelebrationShirts didn't bat an eye and really delivered.  I sent them over a sketch of what I thought we'd want (see the 'bracket' below) and they came back via email with a rendering that nailed it.  We added a few touches (like adding the year, making the back 'vintage' and of course...adding the phrase "A Cinderella Story" across the front to make the hoops/Disney tie-in all that stronger.  And what color could they be?  Orange, of course.  

I had the kids pick their 'favorite' things about Disney and added one of mine (Tiki Room!) and created the "Mouse Madness" shirt.  

Last year, we picked one of their standard designs for the back asked for a custom phrase on the front.  The CelebrationShirts folks weren't phased by our silly request and totally delivered.  So, this year was our first 'totally custom' design.  Doing the custom work costs a bit more than one of their standard designs, but for us, it was worth it.  I really love the way these came out.  I've worn my shirt around the house a few times since we've been back.  

The ordering process is seamless and they have great customer service.  The whole thing is made easier by the fact that once you order, they set up a web-viewable link with your shirt proof on it.  You approve it, pay for it online and suddenly...when you arrive at your hotel, your shirts are there waiting for you!  Like magic.  Free delivery to the resorts - which is really nice.  

And these guys go the extra mile.  One of our shirts had a 'smudg-ey' print on the back.  Without questioning, the Celebration Shirts team delivered a brand new one for us the next day at our hotel and made everything right.  

When you're planning your next trip to Disney, make sure to allocate some time to your planning process to try to order some family shirts from Celebration Shirts.  I know we'll be ordering from them as soon as I can convince Nat to allow us to head back to WDW.  


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