Spex Optical Coming To Elmhurst City Centre

Just a few days ago, I posted about how the Runner's Soul has closed in the Elmhurst City Centre and consolidated their operations in their LaGrange location.

Well...all is not lost on York Street, it seems.  I was walking by the old Irish Treasures store (is that what it was called?!?) between Enzee and the Bank on the west side of York and I saw this green-papered windows announcing that Spex Optical was coming soon.

What is Spex?  It appears to be a full-service eye exam/glasses store featuring a lot of 'known' fashion brands.  They also seem to like to come up with as many Spex-related puns as humanly possible.  I guess I should like a brand that doesn't take itself too terribly seriously.

I went over to the Spex site and on their "Spex Appeal" blog, they have an Elmhurst announcement up:
STAY TUNED! We’re bringing Spex appeal to Elmhurst late spring 2015! Our newest Spex location will reside at 138 N. York Road.
It seems that the operation is growing as they now have close to 30 stores including locations in Oak Park, Hinsdale, Naperville, Geneva and all over the city.


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