Two Of the Pins From Our March Disney Trip

As I've mentioned before, I'm not ashamed to admit that not only am I DisneyDad, I'm also into pin trading at the parks.  (Hell - I even went so far as to review and recommend a specific pin back!)

Well...the girls are the ones who actually pin trade, but I'm the one pushing them to trade and acquire pins.  Here's two pins that speak to this year's trip:  the Beach Club and Flower and Garden show.  I don't buy a lot of pins while we're there, but I always try to buy one or two from each trip that allow me to remember when/where we went.

These two things:  Beach Club (where we stayed) and F&G show (what we did) are distinctly 2015 to me.

We traded quite a few pins and now facing the dilemma of how to deal with them.  Do we display them on a board?  Keep them in a book/binder?  We have a split collection right now.  Between what the Babe collects, what the Bird collects, what I collect.  Do we have 3 distinct collections?  Or just one?  Have to get it sorted out before we get more pins in, right?  Or do I?


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