This Year's Mr. Stripey - 2015

I have a long history here on the blog talking about Mr. Stripey tomato plants.  Back in 2010, I posted a photo of one of the huge fruits next to a little baby pacifier.  And two years later, I was contacted by a small Quaker school in Minnesota who wanted to use the photo for their plant sale.  This year, we'll be growing this Bonnie Plants variety from Home Depot.  

I grow them almost every year and they're just about the easiest tomato to give away/gift to people.  

Be it family or neighbors or just putting them out on a table in the front of the house.  They're always pretty to look at and have a slightly exotic feel to them with the yellow/pink/red stripes.  My sister usually comes a looking later in the summer for some of them when she's having a party and wants to make a caprese salad.   They're stunners for that when you slice 'em open.  A bit watery, but you forgive that when the color pops so much.


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