My 8 Year "Twitterversary" Was Last Week

Last week I received this notification on my phone from the fine folks over at Twitter.  They were wishing me a happy "Twitterversary".  Turns out, I joined Twitter on May 29th 2007.  Looking back at the blog from then, I didn't post on the 29th, so I must have been looking for something to do?

May of 2007, I was back at FeedBurner - about to join Google on June 1, 2007 - so perhaps I was bored looking for something to do?  Seem like a logical story, doesn't it?

Looking at my Twitter profile, I'm now over 3,400 tweets, I follow just under 1,000 people/places/things, and have close to 700 followers.  Back in 2010, I covered when I crossed the 1,000 tweet milestone here on the blog. took me 3 years to get to 1K tweets, or about 333/year.  2.4K tweets in five years since March of 2010.


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