Well...Look At The Archives Now...

I just peeked down at the total number of posts right here on the blog and noticed that although we're just in the sixth month of the year, 2015 has become the #4 in terms of ranking of total number of posts.  I took this screenshot you see above from the right rail of the blog.  If you're reading this on your mobile phone, you're likely seeing this either in your email or the mobile version of the site, so you can't see the sidebar.  You can click "view on the web" at the bottom of the mobile version if you'd care to see the archives.  Or...just trust me that the screenshot above is all you need to see?!?

There's certainly no talk about ranking in terms of quality over the years, but we're just talking quantity here.  Total number of blog posts.

Back in 2012 and 2013, I had back-to-back years of writing a post every.single.day.of.the.year.  Then things dropped off in 2013 and 2014.  With the advent of Medium and Facebook and the various other whathaveyous, I've put my stake in the ground on the side of blogging on your own'd domain.  But, likely for reasons that might be different than others.  I consider this blog mostly as a chronicle/diary of my place in life over the years.  The posts about our garden or our Christmas decor are markers that are tied to my life.  I keep a separate blog that chronicles the life/times of our kids/family.  That, too, is a diary of sorts.

But, back to this here blog and the archives.  So...as I said above, 2012 and 2013 were banner years. My New Year's resolution was to post *something* every day.  I accomplished that mostly - as I am doing this year - through the use of binge posting.  Meaning...on most occasions, I head into Blogger and write up a few posts at a time.  Then 'schedule' them to trickle out one post per day.  (Shsh!  Don't tell anyone!  But...this *amazing* writing you all are reading doesn't get cranked out everyday!)

Last year, I only put up 94 posts.  But this year?  *Knock on wood*  I've been able to post something (in the spirit of my favorite columnist Neil Steinberg) everygoddamday.  

For record-keeping sake, I should note:  I'm still pumping away on blogspot (as the CMS) and after many years of running the blog over at RhodesSchool.com, I've kept it at my personal vanity domain since 2010 under the banner of "Why I Oughta...".  And while I'm at it, here's a screenshot of what the blog looks like on desktops:

And as of this week, here's the mobile version:


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