Garage Sale Find: Vintage Christmas Tree Angel

At one of the garage sales up in Coloma, I came across a tub of old Christmas stuff and as I usually do and dug out this tree topper angel.  She has a cardboard cone body and a porcelain head and is about 12" tall.  I picked her up and set her aside and kept looking to see if there was anything else in the tub worth picking.

When I set her to the side, the lady who was running the garage sale remarked "oh...I remember that angel!  My mom used to put that on top of our tree.  That brings me right back to my childhood.  We would put it up on our tree every year!".

I immediately thought...'ut oh.  She's sentimental about this thing, so she's going to either say that she didn't know it was in there and she doesn't want to sell it or tell a higher price like $10.'

So...I replied to her:  "Oh yeah.  That's neat. much do you want for her?"

Her answer?  "How about ten cents?"

A dime?!?  Seriously?  I ran to my car and grabbed the dime.   Hard to believe that after that story about this angel being a part of her family's holiday traditions, she didn't value her at all.

But, there's good news for this angel.  She's going to a good home.


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