Aurelio's Now Selling Their Sausage Via Retail?!?

Whaaaatttt what!?!  After poking around on the forums, I just learned that Aurelio's (My pizza touch-stone) is now selling their sausage retail.  I went looking for more details and found this story from a few years ago that shows where they're selling it:
Aurelio’s has been manufacturing its famed sausage in Chicago’s South Suburbs for more than four decades. Aurelio’s only uses the highest quality, all natural ingredients. In addition to producing fresh sausage daily for its bestselling pizzas across every Aurelio’s location, in 2010, the company began selling the sausage links to over 70 independent grocery stores throughout the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana, including Walt’s, Stack and Van Til, Berkots, Ultra foods, FreshLine Foods, Fairway foods, Rio Valley Market, Express Wholesale Grocers, Mario’s Market West, Central Market, Edmar Foods, Spring Valley Supermarket, Fair Share Fine Foods, Halsted Foods, Wiseway Food Center, Super Save, El Ray Foods and Town and Country Foods.
A few of those places (Walt's and Berkots) are right by my folks' place.

If they're still selling this stuff, I'm going to have to have my Mom and Dad 'mule' me up some of these sausages.

I've decided to try to take on an Aurelio's clone and removing one of the variables (the meat) makes things a bit easier.  Still have to get the right pans (cutter pans) and work on the dough formulation, but Fall is coming soon and that means one thing in our house:  pizza-making season!


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