So Long, CocoMera - Closing in Elmhurst City Centre - Moving to Downers Grove

This notice was posted on the front windows of Cocomera - the yogurt shop on the east side of York right across for the York Theatre.

I covered the opening of Cocomera back in August of 2012 here on the blog.

Sad to see them go, but the space is huge (always seemed way to big for a yogurt shop!), so I'm hopeful that we'll get something interesting in that location soon.

Here's a post that showed the space BEFORE Cocomera (it was a salon that failed) and talked about how Inland was marketing the place.  

This is the second yogurt place to open and close in the City Centre.  The first was YogenFruz up the street.  This leaves TCBY (which I think is Nat's favorite of the three anyway!) as the last remaining location of the great early/mid-20-teens yogurt craze in Elmhurst.


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