Explore Elmhurst Express Trolley Service

While we were wandering around town on Sunday, we came across the 'Explore Elmhurst Express' Trolley down on South York Street.  It is a nice addition that has run all summer.  It is winding down and will run it's last route on September 13th with stops around the City Centre and down near Spring/Vallette.

I'm thinking that they're likely tracking usage so they can optimize the run times/routes if they decide to extend the service to the fall or next summer.

From the City of Elmhurst's site:
The City of Elmhurst is pleased to announce the Explore Elmhurst Express, a free trolley service connecting Elmhurst City Centre with the Spring Road and York and Vallette business districts. Take a stroll or hop on your bike and head for one of the nearest trolley stops. Convenient parking is also located near each stop. 
It's a great way to shop and dine locally and enjoy the City's numerous cultural opportunities, while saving some gas and bringing sales tax dollars back to our community.
It's free to ride the Explore Elmhurst Express, which will run Friday through Sunday, July 24 through September 13. This service is provided at no charge. 
The Express will run in a half hour continuous loop between three commercial and shopping districts of our community: City Centre, Spring Road and York and Vallete. Approximate boarding times will be posted at each stop.


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