Help Wanted: Improve The Elmhurst Vietnam Memorial At Wilder Park

Looks like the community in Elmhurst needs to step up and lend a hand to the American Legion Post #187 who wants to improve the Vietnam Memorial that currently sits in Wilder Park.

I spotted this flyer on a local business in the Elmhurst City Centre on my walk to the train.  Here's (below) a closer look at details located at the bottom of the flyer:

After 27 years of being weathered and worn, scratched and nicked, it's time for a granite base that would raise the memorial 30" above ground.  2015 marks the 50th Anniversary of ground forces arrival in Vietnam.  Funds are needed to preserve the memory of the 14 sons of Elmhurst who gave their lives for America in the Vietnam War.  Please send a contribution to: 
The American Legion Post #187Vietnam Memorial310 W. Butterfield RdElmhurst, IL  60126-5017
I tell you what...this just seems like something we here in Elmhurst *have* to do, right?  I can we NOT do this as a community.

No matter how you feel about war and conflict, you can't help but feel that the marker that is honoring these 14 young men who lived here in Elmhurst is being overlooked and that needs to be righted.

We'll break out the checkbook and send a check to these guys this week.  Will you join Nat and me?  It doesn't take much, I'm sure.  Just a few bucks from a large number of people will do the trick.  Let's do this, Elmhurst!


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