Seven Years And Counting...

When packing up last month, I found a few of these 'campaign buttons' from our rehearsal dinner today - September 5th - back in 2008.  Still kinda love these and the spirit in which they were made.

Here's a post about the invites and other wedding stuff from back in 2008.

A simple blog post can't express my feelings on this 7th anniversary about my wife.  The tradition of anniversary gifts calls for a blog post for #7, right?

Nat continues to wow me every day as she demonstrates her smarts, kindness and ability to roll with the punches.  She's the strongest, most caring person I know.  But...importantly, she is an incredible mom to our three kids, a really great sister and daughter, and the best damn partner a guy could ask for in life.  Thanks for putting up with me.

Here's to many more years, Pud!    Love you more.


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