Christmas Creep Hits Target - 2015

One of my correspondents (Ahem...Nat) sent me this photo of the Christmas section all filled out over at the Target on North Avenue this week.  Christmas Creep - in all of it's glory - is alive and well at Target.  In the bottom right of the photo, you can see a little bit of Halloween stuff peeking through, but they're moving full bore on the Holidays.

There's plenty of house decor what-have-yous and it appears that foxes are still 'in' this season.  ( Target's mass audience always a bit behind a trend?  I dunno.  It seems like foxes have been 'on' trend - or is it 'in' trend?? - for at least the past few years.  Don't get me wrong...I like foxes.  But, I just wish there was a Christmas peacock or Christmas giraffe or something....)

We're in a funny spot with Christmas this year since we're not in *our* house.  We normally go all-out with decorations and such, but I'm thinking this year will be far more subdued.  We're going to have to abandon our temporary house a week or so prior to Christmas as my sister and Equation Boy/Man come back from Europe for the holidays.  Do we take everything down? Do we even bother putting up stuff around the house?  I'm figuring I'll do the outside for sure, but after that, I'm unsure.


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