Pow Wow At Naper Settlement

Last weekend, we went out to Naper Settlement to attend the Midwest Soaring Foundation's
21st Annual Harvest Pow Wow with the kids and Nat's folks.  We arrived just in time for the Pow Wow and watched as they honored various veterans and then did a series of dances.  Pretty neat costumes and pretty interesting to watch.  Everyone sat in chairs around this big circle where the Native Americans presented various parts of the event.  

With the three kids getting restless, we set out to discover the rest of the Pow Wow which included a kids craft table (we made bead necklaces!) and a little pen where they had some birds set up.  

They had owls - which were really neat to see - but they also had this:  a bald eagle on an ankle chain.

He was AWESOME to admire, but you have to *kinda* feel a bit for this guy.   He's stuck at this place with people preening over him, tethered to an anchor.  Not exactly 'soaring', eh?  

Makes me wonder...who's better off?  This guy, who is super well fed and tended too I'm sure, or his brethren out there.  Even when they get hit by trucks like this poor fellow recently did on I-55?  


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