Plass Appliance Building Coming Down?

If you head down York Street, you'll now notice this massive scaffolding setup in front of (and down the alley of) the old Plass Appliance store on the west side of the street.

You can check out what the plan is for the site here on the blog.  It is a terraced-looking building that appears to have retail on the first floor and condos(??) up on the upper floors.  

The Plass building is two stories and based on the rendering this new structure is going to be three stories.  It isn't just York Street that will be impacted.  Check out what the 'alley' looks like going west towards Nu Crepes.

I posted a few days ago about the Nu Crepes sign, but after hearing all the chatter about their sign-issues, I can't help but wonder if this construction is going to make things A LOT worse for them.
But...on the good side, I'm wondering if the opening of the new parking deck will help them with foot traffic?

And, they're going to save the Plass sign, right????  Please say they are.


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