Letters To Santa 2015

The Sun-Times website might be a mess and besides Neil Steinberg there might not be tons of reasons to read the paper (We used to subscribe and I read it everyday.  Now?  I read Steinberg's column and his blog and then find a S-T article or two via Twitter on occasion.), but they are still doing something really well:  their "Letters to Santa" program.

You can go find out about the program and even request a letter here on their Season of Sharing site.

I'm not totally confident that we've done it EVERY year for the past five years, but I have a post about the program back in 2010 here, and I know we've done it more than once, so I'm thinking we've done it 3 or 4 times since 2010.

This year, Nat requested four letters.  One for her.  One for me.  One for each of the girls.  We went to Target and took the letters to pick out some gifts for our kids.

That's my letter above from Zaykwon.  Action figures, video games and books.  The video game one is hard, right?  What system does he have?  I found a few 'no console needed' things, but then we wondered what the imputs on his tv looked like?   So, Nat convinced me to heavy up on action figures and books.

There's a spending limit and it isn't too terribly high, but man o man.  This just gives me all the feels.  Natalie is really good about pushing me (and our family) to do more for others during the holidays and she's an angel for it.

We've done other things (like man'd the Christmas gift 'shopping' that happens at our church), but this one feels different.  It feels good and I'm glad to play just a VERY.SMALL.ROLE in - hopefully - making this young man's Christmas a little brighter.

If you have time, go ahead.  Request a letter.  They email it to you.  It is easy and will make an impact on a young student in Chicago.


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