Macy's Gives Us NYC's Hand-Me-Down Windows For Christmas

After reading about the hub-bub over this Macy's mistake over on Rachelle's blog, I had to go see it for myself.  My photo isn't the best angle of this thing, so if you want to see a straight-on-shot, check out this photo to see the full thing for yourself.  

What you're seeing there is some iconic Chicago buildings (Hancock, Sears, Crain) all wedged into what is definitely Manhattan Island with the NYC Thanksgiving Parade running right down the middle.   Rachelle Bowden has some close-up photos of this mess here.  

To be fair...the windows this year are just flat.out.awesome.  Really beautiful to look at and a really fun story.  But why did they have to put Chicago on an island?!?

This is *some* bullshit, right?  This thread on Reddit does a good job of covering the issues.  Just corporate deafness.  Oh, Marshall Fields...what could have been...

We head down to the Walnut Room with my entire family every year and right after the Marshall Field's/Macy's transition, things really got bad.  The experience just wasn't special at all.  They dumped all the Marshall Fields-ness and made things pretty generic.  For some reason, my family collects the glass mugs from the Walnut Room breakfast every year and when Marshall Field's was running the show, the mugs were unique every year.  For the first few years after Macy's bought them, they were these generic, non-Chicago/non-Walnut Room glass mugs.  But then...about three/two years ago, things seemed to improve there.  It almost seemed like someone, somewhere in side of Macy's decided to just start CARING about things.  The food got better.  The service got better.  I even think the mugs got better.   


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